At the beginning of 2014, ONSI-PLAST started the journey for the production of PPH products. The desire and professionalism have made the ONSI-PLAST path expand year by year, together with the range of products. By calling our costomers we respond with sophisticated and quality machinery. ONSI-PLAST has always aimed at the highest production standards. The realization of new innovations will be our focus for the future.

The collaboration with the most prestigious machinery companies has made ONSI-PLAST today the most sophisticated and modern machine on the market, which has helped production to meet European standards.

The transportation and maintenance of products is a special item for our factory.  Transportation requires vigilance and careful work to be easily downloadable which assists our customers in proprely arranging products. Saturating them indoors, away from sunlight and humidity helps the product to be as durable and durable as possible.